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When you choose an option JUST SHISHA you only get the shisha stem & the vase.
Wish you to have any accessory chose between available options/sets within the same SKU as sets are discounted, otherwise you can pick them manually HERE 

We ship from Dubai warehouse.
FREE delivery in the UAE* & low shipping cost to the other countries.
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Yes, you can buy GIFT CARD from us and treat your friends & families with the best.


- Phunnel
Phunnel shisha heads are shaped like a doughnut mould but have a single upward-facing draw hole in the middle of the centre stump.
Phunnels are the most frequently purchased for home use.

- Killa
Killa head is the closest in sales to phunnel. Thick bottom, with five holes are symmetrically presented. This ensures excellent heating of the tobacco on all sides. It allows to make the strongest shisha flavor.

- Turkish
Сlassic head, handmade from brown unfired clay. The head is thick-walled, with large holes and excellent traction. It is ideal for smoking classic tobaccos such as Al Fakher, Adalya, Afzal, Nakhla.

- Flow
Revolutionary new model from Oblako brand - it is a new shape that allows you to smoke strong tobacco, emphasizing their taste and using less coal! It's all about the glazed cone, which gains heat when the bowl is heated, and during smoking helps to keep the mixture at the right temperature.

- Silicon
This shisha head can be used by any beginner as it is very hard to overheat it. Also hard to break.

If you are having difficulty of choosing the right HMD, we are here to help 😎

We have multiple devices out of that you can choose from:
The difference is the quality of the material, longevity of its work and of course the look. But the main difference is the way it transfers the heat to the shisha head.
Choose them HERE

Windcover for shisha is a metal shield that is placed over the Shisha head touching the surface of the shisha plate
It serves the purpose of covering and protecting the charcoal from wind or drafts to stop charcoal from over cooking.
Windcovers play vital role in charcoal heat management by retaining the heat around the shisha head.

We have 2 types of windcovers:
SOLID - mainly serves heat support & wind protection
GRID - serves the purpose of protecting the charcoal from being fallen down and of course the shisha look better with it 👌🏼

Shisha fork is a great tool that helps Shisha fork helps you to pick, adjust, and press tobacco inside of the shisha head itself. Smart accessory that should be used by everyone who smokes shisha regularely. It helps you to make shisha head with more consistency.
Keep your hands clean.

Buy shisha fork HERE

To make holes in aluminum foil or just arrange tobacco within the shisha head and keep your hands clean is why you need to have the shisha hole poker.
You can use a needle or a pin though professionals choose to have the one made for shisha 😎

Choose them HERE

Molasses catcher keeps the tobacco juice from its falling into the shaft and making your stem dirty. It also prevents your water from being discolored.
Also, using the molasses catcher allows you to change the shisha heads with different tobacco without cleaning an entire shisha.

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Yes, we do have bags that you may check out HERE

Hoob shisha does not come with diffusor in its basic set. Though you always can buy it separetly.

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