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1. Does shisha come with accessories? 
- When you choose an option JUST SHISHA you only get the shisha stem & vase.
Wish you to have any accessory better to chose between available options/sets within the same SKU, otherwise you can pick them manually here

2. What are your delivery terms?
We are based in Dubai. Emirates post is our partner to manage shipping. 
You can check all T&C here

1. Does shisha come with diffusor?
- No, by default shisha does not come with diffusor
You can buy one here 

2. Do you have any case or bag for transportation?
- Yes, we do have bags that you may check out here


1. Shisha head options:
- Phunnel
- Killa
- Turkish

2. Heat Management Device (HMD). Difference?
If you are having difficulty of choosing the right HMD, we are here to help 😎
We have multiple devices that you can choose from. 
Original Hoob Pyro Classic or HMD Lotus
The difference is the quality of the material, longevity of its work and of course the look. But the main difference is the way it transfers the heat to the shisha head.
Choose them here

3. Windcover. Why do I need one? 
It is needed if you smoke shisha indoor or outdoor.
Solid windcover helps you speeding the time to start your shisha as your shisha head will warm faster.
Windcover grid will not help you warming up the shisha head faster, but will help to protect the charcoal from it being sprinkled around and add a beauty to your shisha 😎 

4. Shisha Fork. Why do I need one?
Shisha fork is a great tool that helps you to keep your hands clean while packing your shisha head. Especially with sticky tobacco, as you can pack it without having it all over your hands and then being washed down to the sink. 
Be a PRO - choose the fork for yourself here 

5. Shisha Poke. Why do I need one?
Shisha poke is a tool that would help you arranging your tobacco within the head. 
Also, it is being used to make holes if you use aluminium foil. 
Get one now here

6. Molasses Catcher. Why do I need one?
Universal molasses catcher keeps the hookah shaft clean and makes it possible to quickly repack the bowl with a completely different taste.
You can choose one here

7. Mouthpiece. How do I choose? 
It is important tool because you hold it in your hands during an entire smoking session. So better you choose the mouthpiece the more enjoyable session would be. Choose your mouthpiece here

8. Personal Mouthpiece. Why do I need one? 
Personal mouthpiece is for those who shares the shisha pipe with the others. 
It comes with a rope that you can hang on your neck and use anytime you get a pipe (rare occasion if you smoke with your real friends as they never share haha 😁)
You can choose one here

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