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4 Simple Ways to Properly Clean a Hookah

4 Simple Ways to Properly Clean a Hookah

Even though your hookah is well maintained, you need deep cleansing of it once a year so that the flavor comes out more and tastes better. There are four simple steps to how to clean a hookah and that are discussed below. After reading this, you can be a pro to clean a hookah. You can clean everybody’s hookah, even your friends will again ask you for tips on how to clean up shisha.

Easy Steps to Clean a Hookah | Steps to Clean Hookah Base


A. Detach the hose from the hookah base:- The hose or shisha pipe from which you inhale the smoke connected to hookah is temporary and not permanent, so you can easily remove the hose by twisting it side by side from the base so it lets loose and then pulling it so the pieces separate. If the hose is lodged firmly, twist it. Do not apply force. It would damage the hookah.

B. Blow through the hose:- You can perform this after every time you use it to clean a hookah. It only takes a few seconds. It is done by exhaling from you inhaling the smoke. You should exhale so that there is any stale smoke lingering behind, which affects your taste of the flavor.

C. Rinse the hose if it is washable:- Do this every time your smoke is stale and unsuitable. Rubber and plastic hoses can be easily washed as they are made of rubber and plastic. Please do not wash the hose with soap and any other chemical; use tap water to wash it. How to do it: keep one side of the hose in the tap water and then see that the water is coming out from the other side of the hose or not wash it for at least thirty seconds and then take a towel and let the hose dry itself. Caution do not use the hose unfill it is scorched.

D. If the hose Is not washable:- If the hose is not washable, the only option you can go for is trusting the force of the wind.


First Step:- Take your whole hookah apart. So the hookah stands on a broad base, taking all the pieces apart carefully so that it does not get toppled. Take the small pieces out and keep them at a secure location so they do not get lost. Next, unscrew the release valve, remove the grommet, remove the shisha bowl, remove the ashtray, twist the hookah, and remove the stem very gently.

Second Step:- The second step is to clean the tobacco bowl: dispose of any ash or tobacco left in the foil. Clean the bowl with hot water, then use your fingers to scrape off the caked tobacco. Keep the bowl in water for 3 to 5 minutes, then take it out gently and then scrub the bowl with steel wool to remove the burn marks.

Third Step: The third step is to rinse the grommets in hot water: the grommets are the protective parts of a hookah, so clean them gently under hot water for a few minutes and let them towel dry.

Fourth Step:- The fourth step is to rinse your release valve: you must do the same as with grommets.

Fifth Step:- The fifth step is to clean the ashtray: wash and scrub the ashtray in hot water for any caked tobacco.



Run the stem through water because the stem is one of the main parts of a hookah, then scrub the insides of the stem using a stem brush. After this, scrub the step with a few tablespoons of lemon juice, put a half teaspoon of baking soda, scrub it properly from both sides, clean a hookah with hot water, and let it towel dry.



First, pour out the old water and repeat the same steps as the stem; it will be just as new. 

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